A new level of cheating

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we played war against an alliance, this one player [Removed by Mod] (11,000 player all 4 stars) level 30 all ROL champs in profile blew past our nodes 0 damage at all with 1100 champions (I have a 4700 ultron with full nodes) we reported him on it. his aw profile lists all the ROL champs but you look his alliance ALL 2 stars, funny how that works.
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    funny how people continue to post names on the forums even though its against the rules
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    It leads to so much unnecessary **** on the forums. what does it really change?
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    considering we just got a big email on this and his profile went from all 4 stars to NOTHING but 2 stars and a 8000 PI drop yea
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    But how do you know it wasnt the ticket that was sent?
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    I think cheaters should be called out for two reasons:

    1 - cheaters destroy game satisfaction. You will never be a top level player because there are those who can get miles ahead of you without doing the work

    2 - it forces Kabam to deal with the issue if it it public. Considering Kabam cannot release an update without reintroducing issues and bugs (Kabam, please tell your developers to get some form of version control in place - that's assuming these bugs are accidental
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    This isn't anything new. Just report, send a ticket e wait for hm to be ban.
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    This isn't anything new. Just report, send a ticket e wait for hm to be ban.

    I reported someone 3 months ago and he's still playing.
  • https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/54/forum-rules-please-read-prior-to-posting#latest

    its easy enough. follow the forum rules or dont post. not too long ago there was a player accused of cheating that was bombarded by harassment in game and on forum and the accusations were found to be incorrect.

    its easy enough to send a ticket to support and/or DM a forum mod. a pic is worth a thousand words, start screen shotting your evidence.
  • It's natural to feel frustrated at the thought that someone you're playing against might be abusing the game, but calling people or players out in the forums gets people riled up and leads to witch hunts, which is against the rules and completely unacceptable.

    As a result, I've taken the name of the user out of your post and will be closing this thread.
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