17.9 Mil Alliance looking for 1 Active Member

I am the leader of a chill alliance that is looking for 1 very active and great Communicating member to join our team. We run a combination of Map 5 and Map 4 depending on the prestige difficulty. We start out day 1 with the prestige being at 6.3k and by day 5 it is 10.4k we would like to build our strength and team in order to do Map 5x5 in every bg. as it stands right now depending on the Mini Boss we either do Map 5x4 or map 5x3 in each bg. usually hitting between 110 to 130 mil in weekly AQ points. We are looking for someone that will be vocal in the Line chat to let their teammates knows they are unlinked and can advance or tagging a teammate to unlink them when possible. We want someone that doesn't want drama because we are a drama free enviroment. WE also want someone that understands that Life outside the game should always come first before the game but at the same time understands that the Team and Teamwork comes first before individual achievements and solo rewards. The only way a Team can grow together and become stronger is being together and being a team first and foremost and that is the atmosphere i am trying to bring to my alliance. if you are interest and want to learn more about my alliance please contact me on Line at zbot34. i am in the US and Mountain Time Zone so if i don't reply right away it means i am either at work or asleep, otherwise i try to respond to my line messages within 15 to 25 mins of receiving them. thank you for taking the time to read and look forward to hearing from potential new members that would like to join.
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