Hela's terrible heavy attack

EarthEliteEarthElite Posts: 879 ★★★
By the way I love Hela, fun to play with and if you're just learning how to play with her you can spam SP1 (less risk)

Hela's ability sounds awesome at first, you can hold heavy against a normal health opponent and finish them off in a few seconds, and mantain 5-10 furies on higher health opponents like RoL or LoL. The main thing holding her back is, her terrible heavy animation. Some champs have fluid, low lag, easy to use heavies like IMIW and Hyperion (you can land those like from the other side of the map). But with helas, just spikes come out of the ground. No forward momentum, hard to aim with and it's near impossible to land on an aggressive opponent without parry stun (which isn't even long enough for 1 fury). It's ironic that one of the most heavy reliant champ has the worst heavy design. Even Daredevil and Captain America's backflip is easier to land than hers.


  • Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 4,986 ★★★★★
    If it was that easy, she would be beyond god tier ... you need to play around with your sp1 and charging heavy ... there is a technique to hold heavy and release sp1 to counter the dash by the opponent .. look up some vidz on it
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