Who Should I Rank up?

I have T5BC over spilling in the stash, as I have not used a single one since the start. Who should I start to rank up to 5/65? I feel like I require more 5/65 to progress further in the game for act 6 as well.

Who Should I Rank up? 17 votes

5* Medusa (duped)
CrkwestNBSAI 2 votes
5* Stark Enhanced (unduped)
NANDORDITTMasterChief1176 2 votes
5* CAIW (duped)
LosspikManar198xFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSidDDragonshumaxgorathAdishvar_26TP33Skadoosh11 8 votes
5* Omega Red (unduped)
5* Quake (duped)
TheVyrusLvernon15NojokejaymZiviorAleor 5 votes


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 688 ★★
    How many sig levels in CAIW? And are you good with Quake?
  • Skadoosh11Skadoosh11 Posts: 9
    5* CAIW (duped)
    Cap IW is a very versatile champ with many uses, making him on of the best choices. Another good option is quake if you can play her correctly
  • Cliffy91Cliffy91 Posts: 5
    I am not very good with quake, I can only heavy, evade and parry. My CAIW has 40 SIG.

    I am more inclined towards medusa and stark enhanced.
  • Cliffy91Cliffy91 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the input though guys!
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 688 ★★
    Well the heavy/evade/parry with Quake still works very well, but if you don't think you're good with her, I would recommend CAIW.
    He's a tank with a ton of utility with a high sig and you're almost halfway there. If he's not your guy, Sparky is the best option I would say. Amazing damage and versatility. Get to 10 poise charges and watch almost any opponent go down in a second. He has the stun on Sp1 and the insane crits and DOT damage on Sp2. Of course there's the taunts to help opponents throw specials and have a decreased attack rating, not forgetting the heavy power drain when you get in an emergency. And don't forget the completely underrated evade shutdown/AA reduction on Sp3. His awakened ability would just be a tiny cherry on top.
  • Cliffy91Cliffy91 Posts: 5
    Thank you so much Etjama for the detailed insights, most likely will be taking CAIW up to 5/5.

    Cheers buddy!
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