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Gold 2 map 5/4 alliance looking for 1 singaporean member

My Alliance is looking for someone to replace a member who is leaving us. Looking for Singaporean, uses whatsapp, and is very active in both AQ and AW. Please message me in game if interested. Please be interested HAHA.


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    Oh yes i forgot to mention, base hero rating should be at least 300,000.
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    edited September 2019
    Still looking for 2 people
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    Still looking
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    Hey there,

    We are a friendly alliance based in Singapore and are looking for 2 players to fill up spots vacated by our members who are retiring from the game. We are currently in Gold 2 pushing for gold 1.
    We run 3 Bgs in AQ with a mixture of Map 2 to map 5 depending on the war day.

    So, if you are looking to earn decent rewards but at the same time not too stressful and are also based in Singapore, look me up in game. IGN - championcritic

    Our requirements are simple:
    1) WhatsApp - Very responsive and contactable
    2) Active in both AQ and AW

    Interested parties, please look for myself - championcritic in game.

  • Still recruting?
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    Not yet, feel free to reach out to me in case a slot opens up haha
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    Found a person. Will update again if need more new people.
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    A slot has once again opened up.
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    slot has once again closed, you are free to reach out to me anyway so you can be put on waiting list if a slot ever opens up again ;)
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