An unknown error has resulted in Grandmaster Gauntlet progress being reset for a portion of our playerbase. As a result, we will be temporarily removing the Grandmaster Gauntlet as a playable mode. The mode will be reinstated when the team has resolved the issues.
There appears to be a bug causing missing VFX (visual effects) for a number of elements including traps, phasing and some blocking animations.
The team is aware and looking into the cause of the issue.

Armor Shattered: Medusa and Future Champions


We wanted to give you a heads up on the future of Armor Shattered, and the way it will differ for new Champions that also have this ability.

Currently, any ability that interacts with Armor Break (Ghost’s Phasing, Killmonger’s Reverberation, etc.), also interacts with Medusa’s Armor Shattered.

With the introduction of Vision (Aarkus) and the rework of Old Man Logan, we will be changing Armor Shattered to be its own Debuff type, and it will not interact with these abilities the same way that Armor Break does.

We will be updating the text in Medusa’s Armor Shattered Ability Description to indicate that it will have the properties of both an Armor Shattered Debuff and an Armor Break Debuff.

What does this mean? Simply put, it means that nothing is changing for Medusa’s abilities, but that Armor Break and Armor Shattered will be 2 separate Debuffs for all Champions that receive this ability moving forward. Thing is currently the only Armor Break immune Champion, and is also Armor Shattered immune as well, and the recently tested Colossus will probably be the same.

This also means that Champions that are immune to Armor Break will not necessarily be immune to Armor Shattered.

NOTE: This change has caused a bug for Medusa, where her Armor Shattered is not interacting with abilities that interact with Armor Break. We are working on a fix for these.
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