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Spend Gold event 24 H


How is it possible to score points on cristal cornucopia and on the T4C arena, if this event will be ended before those two will begin?


  • CliffordcanCliffordcan Posts: 861 ★★★
    Another one starts tomorrow. Monday-Fri (if in the US at least) are the duplicate champs and Sat and Sun are the gold ones
  • CristalmanCristalman Posts: 199
    2063 arena's fight to complete this event, are you serious????
  • CristalmanCristalman Posts: 199
    Odachi said:

    Rank up - mystic advancement solo event is on so level a few low mystics or put in your alliance donations

    I know that but 400 points for 3 fights in arena it's just ridiculous

  • K00shMaanK00shMaan Posts: 120
    It's literally a gold spending event you get 1 point for 1 gold spent. They decided to be more informative in the how to score points section than literally just saying 1 gold = 1 point but that's what it is
  • CristalmanCristalman Posts: 199
    Odachi said:

    Its a 1:1 ratio - would you rather pay more for arena?

    no need to include Arena's in this event, with 120 5*, you don't reach first millestone
  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 367 ★★
    I don`t see the problem most people have with this. Just donate some gold to the alliance treasury. You could even just do the first 4 milestones and get the revive and units.
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