6900 prestige looking for good active well organized alliance

Looking for an active well organized friendly alliance that runs at least 5x5 or a mix of 5 and 6. I have 6915 prestige, been playing since the beginning, former officer in map 5 and 6 alliances and rebuilding alliances. Have a work schedule that I like to discuss before joining. Im Central U.S. time zone. Strong supporter of communication and helping people get better including myself. Contact me in game or on line at Sicmetal12. Willing to use line, discord, or clan hq.


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    SfireSfire Posts: 8
    Add me on line 702115. Funnadeuk
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    B33fSupr3m3B33fSupr3m3 Posts: 26
    Add me on line or in game both are B33FSUPR3M3. We are gold 1 running AQ 55444 or 54444. Veteran players. No donations. Only requirement is line for communication and participation in AQ and AW.
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    Still looking
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    Hitman0285Hitman0285 Posts: 47
    I added you in game, running 5x5. We are fairly relaxed, we get that some people have work schedules
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