Cosmic rank up 5* r5 or 6* r2

Osfan8Osfan8 Posts: 419 ★★
Hi next rank up will definitely be a cosmic champ.

Options are...
6* Venom the Duck (sig 20) to r2
5* Hyperion (r4 sig 100) to r5
5* movie Captain Marvel (r3 unawakened, I'd have to use my only cosmic AG) to r5
5* Corvus (r4 sig 100) to r5
5* Cull Obsidian (r3 sig 20) to r5
5* Venom (r4 sig 40) to r5

The most fun is definitely Venom but I know he's probably not the best champ overall.
The least fun is definitely Corvus but he's certainly an effective champion.
I made a list instead of a poll because I'm more interested in reasons than just a vote.
Thanks in advance,


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