ASCENSION needs 1 we are GOLD 1, and a Top 700 AQ ALLY. 6/6/5

ASCENSION needs 1 we are GOLD 1, and a Top 700 AQ ALLY. 6/6/5

ASCENSION is an 18 million alliance with most members based in US, but we are open
to working with players from other locations. We are looking for players who are
interested in running map 6. we have 2 Bg running map6 now and are planing to have
2 bgs running map 6 and 1 BG running map 5 and giving breaks to the other 2 groups.

BG 1:6x5 BG2 2:66555 BG 3:5X5

Working towards
BG 1 6X5 BG2 2: 6x5 OR 6X5 BG 3 6x5

Our goal is 6/6/5 AQ and Gold 1+ in war and to do so we need to make sure that you have a solid defensive roster at r5 4* but preferably that they are r3/r4 5*.
The amount of deaths given counts, so we ask to have the least amount of the deaths possible. 0 is the preferred number.
Need to be willing to boost and heal up to stay alive.

total hero rating 500 k+
Event Completion - 15k
Item use/Champ use and all the new ones: participation is required
Arena events: we ask that you participate but we don’t have a set minimum.
All those new 1-day events. They’re super easy
Must have line app and use communicate and tag others when opening linked nodes, and check for posts group instructions like changes in defense ect...

Donations: 172k Gold; 14k BC; 12k loyalty (might be subject to change with new AQ season or second map6 battle group) is going up soon to support second map 6 bg
Biggest thing we ask is activity and communication. Fight hard, play hard, have fun

Contact : rapture300, sivert79 on Line app
send message With photos of top champs and profile
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