Regarding champion retuning

I strongly suggest that your (kabam’s) stance towards rank down tickets be altered moving forwards if you will nerf or buff -or retune, if you insist that these aren’t nerfs/buffs- champions to allow resources be redistributed after retuning, in case one may rank up a different, lesser version of a champion before they are returned to be stronger than they were (eg ebony maw after the buff has greater power control than magik, although magik was a better option beforehand), or indeed if a player ranks up a champion based on stats or abilities that for one reason or another are no longer present in a champion. I will refrain from going over the top on this until we are fully aware of the scale of retuning, but if rank down tickets do not become more available, this may well be a cause for concern.


  • I am going free to play and if this nonsense of Kabam doesn’t end will quit the game soon.
    It is just absolutely ridiculous what management is doing.
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