claire voyar attack

why does her special 1 guarantee bleed damage? when fighting her i get hit with three stacks of bleed no matter what. blocking doesn’t stop it, dexterity doesn’t stop it, and when it strait misses me i still get hit with it. is there something in her bio i’m missing or is she broken?


  • PantherusNZPantherusNZ Posts: 180

    Special Attack 1 – Curse of Damnation
    Summoning a blast from the underworld, Claire curses her Opponent.

    Finishing a combo with a Medium attack inflicts 1 Debuff. Throwing a Heavy Attack or Special 1 inflicts up to 3 Debuffs. These Debuffs are determined by Claire’s active curse and last for 8 seconds.
    Curse of Blood: Bleed, dealing 57.64 direct damage.
    Curse of Plague: Poison, dealing 57.64 damage and reducing health recovery by 30%.
    Curse of Hellfire: Incinerate, dealing 57.64 damage, removing Perfect Block Chance and reducing Block Proficiency by 50%.

  • Hey there, this is an intended part of her abilities. You can find more information about this in her Champion spotlight but her SP1 and Heavy attacks will apply her curse Debuffs when they are launched, even if they don't hit.
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