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(2M17) Marvel Masters looking for PI:250K+, AW:Silver 1, AQ:444 (*544), NO Donations, Line Req'd!

Marvel Masters (2M17) is looking for adult, active, self motivated, team players who want to progress & help others get stronger. Still growing, would like to add another solid BG for AW & more to share AQ/AEvents scoring.

AWar: Silver 1 Season 11. We'd like to run 2 BGs for AW again. Gives allies flexibility & prevents burnout.

AQ: 443, would like to run at least 1 BG of Map 5 soon. AQ is Mandatory, but 1 flexible BG if super busy. NO Donations if running 444.

AEvents: Score ur fair share consistently when contributing, just don't freeload off others scoring or u will get kicked. Arena Grinding Optional.

We all have real lives & try to balance activity/rewards with flexibilty/FUN. We're still pushing but know things pop up that change our availability. Will try to accomodate as long as you talk to an Officer. Mutual communication is key & resolves most things. Join us to see if we're a good fit for ur MCOC desire & real life schedule, could be mutually beneficial. Hope to welcome ya to 2M17 soon, if not best of luck!

Line App is mandatory, if you're interested or want more info, drop us a dmsg ASAP!
"cadannyboy" or "Nelfjonov_85" via LineApp
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