Spider Gwen doesn’t take astral evade degen

I was just starting to grind for the nick fury arena and I was using Spider Gwen against. I used a heavy while I parryed mordo. He astral evaded but I didn’t get the degen. This isn’t 100% but happens most of the time. Is this intended?


  • DeltaAdvancedDeltaAdvanced Posts: 12
    edited September 12
    Anyone can test this
  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 372 ★★
    It's a "bug". He's retaliating and missing with the hit that would land the degen. Since the hit doesn't land, she doesn't degenerate. The same kind of thing happens with X-23's heavy. It's not in their description, but it's based on their animations.

    Therefore, you can expect it to remain until Kabam decides it's costing them money and fixes it.
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