G1 War, Map 4 only AQ recruiting.

Fairly chilled 16m ally, no event minimums. We generally hit 500k in SA.

G1 war currently t5, typically bounce between t4 and 5. Map 4 only AQ.

We’re replacing a few guys who basically need tagging all the time.

Perfect alliance for strong players (ideally from Europe) who want to play actively but not so much it impacts real life.
Our only expectation is players communicate and contribute towards aq and aw at a level where they aren’t being carried by others.

We use line app for communication.

In game name is Jimmy6547 so if you’re interested, look me up in game.


  • PreethPreeth Posts: 1
    I want to join u
  • ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 146
    Preeth said:

    I want to join u

    DM me your in game name please.

    I should have specified minimum champ requirements in my post. Players are going to need minimum of a few r4 5* champs to join us.
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