[-TCA-] 10k Prestige +, Fun Dedicated Group, Plat 3 Min, AQ M6x5

Hey guys, do you want to fight with Okami Kage's and other killers for top rewards?

We have a spot available.

We are only interested in players who have a MINIMUM of 9k prestige and and a strong roster to match. We are pushing for alliance prestige, so the higher the number the better. Increased AQ rewards means that prestige push is back on the menu.

We have a strong core of very active players whom want to push on for the highest rewards. Many of use have grown in the game together and have been playing for well over a year (some 3+) in this alliance.

AW: Tier 2/3 AQ: Map 6 all day everyday to roll in that top 110 spot, crack that 300 mil milestone and get some map 7 crystals.

Events: All Milestones

Overall we are a tight knit group who are eager to assist each other and will help you clear the special event quests. Many of us are pushing for (or completed) 100% LOL and Variants and will give you the help (and moral support) to do the same.

If interested PM in game (Banarasiya)(Shanetwo1)(AlexBigUp89) or on LINE (Banarasiya)(Shanetwo1)(AlexBigUp89). Line use is mandatory.
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