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Class mastery cores

A very interesting thought on mastery cores being used to change a champion's star value came to me.
For example, using a few resources like gold and certain types of catalysts along with a specific number of class mastery cores, the player can take a 2 star champion and change them to a 3 star champion, a 3 star to a 4 star, and so on...
Fill me in on your thoughts on this idea


  • AppieAppie Posts: 99
    i doubt they ever remove the RNG factor cause it makes them money.
  • Vargas9970Vargas9970 Posts: 23
    True but let's say the amount of cores required to bring a champ from 2stars to 3stars is 50 respective cores, then you can see how kabam can definitely gain a ton of money from users buying those cores from the in-game store
  • CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    After playing for about a year you will find that you will get all the 3* and most of the 4* with out doing that, and If we did we would have hurt our rating by losing all the 2 & 3*s, for champs we would have got if we just played.
  • Vargas9970Vargas9970 Posts: 23
    If you think about it, you wouldn't be changing star ratings regularly. It would be a lengthy process since you'll have to build up each champion you do want to upgrade to fully max out including signature abilities. Then you'd have to spend a significant amount of items to include those master class cores.
    All in all it would be much more rare to upgrade a star rating than it would be to take a 4* to rank 5
  • SlyCat42SlyCat42 Posts: 500 ★★
    I could see it. I don't know if they will ever do it, but it's a cool way to keep progressing a character you really love if you never pull a higher star rating of it. As you say would just have to be managed by severely limiting the number of times and how you could do it. Like, maybe just get the resources to do it once.

    For example, I would rather have this option than the free 4 star rank up we got at the end of chapter 5.2. If instead it gave you an item that let you add a star rating to one champion one time I think that would be a pretty cool and unique reward.
  • Vargas9970Vargas9970 Posts: 23
    Yes I totally agree! My thoughts on this are that you can upgrade endlessly but you'd have to have that particular champ maxed out on both rank and signature levels. Then you'll use items like certain catalysts and a certain number of cores to upgrade the star rating.
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