Highest cause of health potion usage.

mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
Is it difficulty or game bugs and lag?

Highest cause of health potion usage. 115 votes

Your skills failing
World EaterLosspikRazorDevilbuffajrDeadmaddyGAM3RGUYMagrailothosSiddhantKwatraMasterduxSceptilemaniacOsfan8OnmixDuke_SilverWerewrymCupidBlaargoCyborgNinja135TheHeroDeservedMy_SuperiorBuckyBruh 42 votes
In game crashes in AQ/AW
The_OneNanoDroidmydnightDarkrider05LilMaddogHTShadow_PhoneixRehan010_AdamanteMadcatMayankA124 10 votes
Weird, sporadic, laggy gameplay
thetaman23arni2phillgreenTerraTeddersRockermanGNASTYWaynedavyHSenpaiSup3rmanNojokejaym_ASDF_ezgoingRoOOtsMilesHolmwoodLordScatsburyTaZ_4178ChampioncriticGeo10megLordRaymond3 46 votes
Losing concentration (long fights)
FrostyCharbelCirnesPatchie93AhitlawHammerbro_64johara84Saransh245JtarunItsDamienWozzy101X_Factor_AgentmonomuggMarri_2TheWolfFenrirSpider_Rico 15 votes
Bad network
Liss_Bliss_Charlie_Scene 2 votes


  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    In game crashes in AQ/AW
    I have at least 3-5 times a week the game simply stops and closes, during AQ fights mostly.

    Is it just me or what about u guys?
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    Unavoidable damage
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 5,857 ★★★★★
    Answer = low health.
  • RapRap Posts: 3,157 ★★★★
    Playing as a solo player.
  • RapRap Posts: 3,157 ★★★★
    There have been a plethora of boosts of all mannner added to this game that simply are not available from any source as a solo player. Now i am in an alliance i have so many i to sell the boosts.
  • Timone147Timone147 Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    Chip damage, unavoidable damage in higher level content
  • dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,442 ★★★★
    Trying to ramp up Cull ... o.O
  • Skillful_starSkillful_star Posts: 732 ★★★
    Your skills failing
    I'm just not great🤣
  • StewmanStewman Posts: 735 ★★★
    Forgetting to read nodes
  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    Low block proficiency
    Looking at Cull
  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Losing concentration (long fights)
    I mean, I get angry because a fight is BS (map 5 hype) but at the same time I should blame myself for getting accidental parries instead of dexes because I am lagging. My fingers I mean.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,378 ★★★★★
    Your skills failing
    Stewman said:

    Forgetting to read nodes

    This should definitely have been an option on the poll...
  • ThecurlerThecurler Posts: 724 ★★★
    BS nodes on the new AW map.
  • mydnightmydnight Posts: 671 ★★★
    In game crashes in AQ/AW
    Going to be an expensive day for. I woke up late and ended up having to take the wrong paths in AW.
  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,233 ★★★★
    Weird, sporadic, laggy gameplay
    I am on an old android phone so every parry has a little lag associated with it. So due to lag I take a bit too much block dmg but when my skills fail me then I die and have to use revives lol. So lag for health potions and revives for bad skills cuz 1 combo is enough to kill me in tough content.
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