Community Boss Rush Tips

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This just a quick run-down of the opponents in the new Community Boss Rush and some counters for them for people who are struggling.

Opponent 1: King Groot
Limber (Each time this champion is stunned, the duration of future Stun debuffs is reduced by 20%)
Mystic Ward (All incoming Nullify effects have a 65% chance to fail)
True Strike (The attacker (you) can not trigger evade or auto-block)


She-Hulk gains max Fury duration against King Groot, and when awakened, she gains increased attack for each buff he triggers.

Dr. Voodoo
Even with the Mystic Ward, an awakened Voodoo can cause a lot of Spirit Venoms.

Do you need a specific counter to this fight?
No. King Groot is really straightforward. Unless your using Ebony Maw or someone else with abysmal damage, you’ll be able to get through this fight easily.

Opponent 2: Domino (Unawakened, thankfully)
Regeneration (This champion permanently regenerates 1% of their maximum HP every second)
Ensnare Tech (Tech champions take damage at the start of the fight and have reduced ability accuracy)
Backblast (Your champions deal double critical damage, but dealing more than 5% of Domino’s maximum HP, your champion will be inflicted with an Incinerate debuff)

Archangel (awakened)
Archangel is immune to ability accuracy reduction, and when awakened, his Neurotoxins prevent healing. They’ll also stop Domino from triggering Lucky or Unlucky, and they deal a ton of damage. Everyone is talking about Void, but Archangel is just as good, if not better.

Void (awakened)
Fear of the Void reduces regeneration enough to stop it completely, and causing more Petrify debuffs will reverse it. And Slow and FotV will stop her from evading.

Human Torch
Whenever Human Torch would be incinerated, he get a Smoulder passive, increasing the damage of his incinerates by 12%. With Despair, his Incinerates will also reduce the regen. It may take awhile, but it should be doable.

Dr. Voodoo (awakened)
Dr. Voodoo can convert the regeneration effect into a Spirit Venom. He may be able to do it unawakened, but I wouldn’t try it. Mystic Dispersion is helpful, but it might not be necessary.

Proxima Midnight
Iirc Backblast doesn’t put on an actual limit on how much damage you can deal, so if you can get all of your missions completed, an L3 should take care of Domino.

Captain America IW (awakened)
When awakened and with a Tech champion on the team, Cap. has a chance to cause a Petrify debuff each time her Parries. You can reverse Domino’s healing if you stack enough of them.

Scarlet Witch
SW has a high chance on critical hits to nullify buffs. It’ll take a little while and some good RNG, but it should be doable.

I didn’t think Mysterio would work because of the Ensnare Tech node but apparently Contest Champion used him so I guess it can be done if he’s at a high enough level to survive the initial direct damage. His fourth light attack places a passive Heal Block on the opponent, and you can get some good poison damage. Plus since Mysterio is Tech class, he can’t be Unlucky. Most people probably don’t have Mysterio, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

If Mysterio worked, why can’t Warlock? Warlock’s virus prevents the opponent from healing, and he causes degen and power drain whenever they would regenerate. He also probably wouldn’t hit hard enough to trigger Backblast (emphasis on “probably”).

Do you need a specific counter for this fight
Yes, absolutely. A permanent 1% regen buff on a ‘roided up 6* is too much for most champions to deal with.

Opponent 3: Quake
Immunity (This champion is immune to any and all debuffs)
Aggression Regeneration (Every 2 seconds, this champion gains a passive regeneration effect. This champion loses one passive regeneration effect each time they’re struck)
Spite (This champion gains power as long as their opponent is under the effects of a buff)

...None really.

Do I need a specific counter for this fight?
Nope. Just use someone who hits like a truck. As long as your decent at intercepting, this one isn’t too bad. Make sure to bait her L1 whenever she gets it, don’t take any risks.

Opponent 4: Invisible Woman
Cornered (While affected by a damage over time debuff (I.e. Bleed) this champion gains 300% more power from all sources)
Power Struggle (Your champions gain no power from attacking, being struck, or power gain, but they gain and lose power as the defender gains and loses power)
Life Transfer (Your champion is afflicted with a permanent Degeneration passive, but they regenerate 125% of the damage dealt with each successful hit)


Daredevil (both versions)
Daredevil can’t miss invisible opponents.

Do you need a specific counter for this fight?
No. Go look up a guide for fighting Invisible Woman, ignore anything to do with Bleed, and you should be good. Maybe look up a duel target and do some practice fights against her if you’re not good at fighting her.

Opponent 5: Symbiote Supreme
Power Reserve (Both champions only lose half of power needed for a special attack)
Power Start 1 (This champion begins the fight with a full bar of power)
Improved Power Gain (This champion gains 100% more power from power gain effects)
Improved Power Gain (This champion gains 50% more power from power gain effects)

IMPORTANT: The two power gain nodes both increase the Power Start 1 node, but they don’t stack. He begins with two and a half bars of power.


Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced)
Begin the fight by Parrying, then use a heavy to cause Power Drain. Get up to your L1 and you can stun-lock him.

Gambit has a 100% chance to stun on his L1. Bait out Sym. Supreme’s L2, the get your L1 and stun-lock him. Or try to get your L1 before he can get his L3 (that probably won’t work but there’s no harm in trying).

See above.

Luke Cage (awakened)
If your Luke Cage is at a high enough level to survive Sym. Supreme nullifying your Indestructible, Luke Cage’s Exhaustion effects will reduce his power gain.

Dormammu’s second medium causes Power Burn. He’ll never be able to get to his L3 as long as you play aggressively.

Gwenpool (awakened)
Gwenpool can’t be killed by special attacks.

Do you need a specific counter for this fight?
I don’t think so? On paper it looks like you can beat him with anybody so long as he keeps throwing specials. You’ll have to be pretty lucky though.

Final boss: Taskmaster
Icarus (Whenever your champion lands or parries an attack, they gain a Fury buff. Using a heavy attack causes all of your Fury buffs to wear off. If you reach 10 Fury buffs or a Fury expires, you’ll be afflicted with a Degeneration debuff)
Power Struggle (Your champions gain no power from attacking, being struck, or power gain, but they gain and lose power as the defender gains and loses power)
Empowered Immunity (The defender gains power whenever your champion would inflict a debuff they’re immune to)


The Degeneration is a debuff, so phasing will let you shrug it off.

Captain Marvel (Movie) (awakened)
Captain Marvel becomes indestructible for awhile after triggering Binary Ignition, so you won’t take any damage from the Degen.

Killmonger (with the Fearless synergy)
With the Fearless synergy he gets with Void, he has a chance to shrug off a debuff.

Agent Venom
He has a chance to shrug off debuffs.

See above.

King Groot
He shrugs off debuffs as long as he’s affected by a Fury buff (I don’t think that that would include the Furies from Icarus but maybe?)

Do you need a specific counter for this fight?
No. As long as you’re only using Parry to get rid of the Furies and not to get openings, you should be able to get Taskmaster down in one or two fights.

Hope this helped for anybody who was having issues with one of these fights.


  • myPUNCAKEmyPUNCAKE Posts: 359
    Appreciate the guide, well thought out and put together. Completely over looked the fact that voodoo could just nullify the domino, do you saved me there!
  • Gavstert99Gavstert99 Posts: 9
    Mysterio only works because he is immune to AAR. I don't believe warlock is, so he wouldn't work. Other than that, great guide.
  • Gavstert99Gavstert99 Posts: 9
    Also worth noting that Ghost is probably the best option for Quake. No need to standard intercept if you just phase intercept.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,308 ★★★★

    Mysterio only works because he is immune to AAR. I don't believe warlock is, so he wouldn't work. Other than that, great guide.

    Thanks for pointing that out, I didn’t know he was immune to AAR.
  • Another Symbiote Supreme counter that doesn't require luck or help from the AI (but not everyone has) is Vision. If you have enough sig levels Vision immediately starts the fight with one bar of power, and he can immediately use it to drain SS. After that its a game of keep SS drained without dexing too much, and you're golden.
  • Reverend_RuckusReverend_Ruckus Posts: 327 ★★
    Don’t know if it can be called a counter but for Quake I used Wasp. Even though she is immune to rebuff effects she is not immune to passive effects like Wasp’s light-heavy attack which inflicts stun. Intercepting and dexing really helps here. I would not hold block because it was cause her to hold her heavy and you know how that goes.
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    And if you is using offer champ you don’t won’t to tigger backlast it wil hurt more that help great guide also aa need to be dups to prevent the helling
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