Time After Time Champion Gates (Missing Champions)

I was wondering if there will be a way to obtain the specific champions required for the gates on this event. I have 100% all the available chapters except for the gated mister sinister path (as I dont have him in any variety). I will be very disappointed when I dont gain the exploration rewards for the whole thing because I dont have 1 champion. I know they are obtainable through the basic and grandmaster unified Crystal's but so far the RNG hasnt gone my way.

My question is, will kabam be offering a way to obtain the specific champion I/we dont have, in order to complete this content? I'm assuming not, I just wanted to check, as I'm enjoying this content but I think it's slightly unfair on the community that we are unable to complete it based on something that's completely out of our control.


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    Yes one the next week when the next get unluck you can play 1vs1 to get a cystal with a chance of one of the gate chanp
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    I've got to say that's great news! Fingers crossed I get Mister Sinister! Thanks for the info guys, much love to the community for all your help as always!
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