Aegon or Sym Supreme?

Who is most worthy of the T5 basic catalyst resources? Aegon is duped Sym Supreme is not. Aegon is a 5* Sym Supreme is a 6*. Haven’t completed 6.2 yet. Who is most beneficial?

Aegon or Sym Supreme? 15 votes

R5 5* Aegon (duped)
zuffyMrLalowZzzSiddhantKwatraFhfjghhggggjfhfjgSquishyjrthe4thMsyounus1288HedronFreeToPlay_21BabyMiikeMadcatMΛSSΛCRE 12 votes
R2 6* Sym Supreme
MilesHolmwoodMidnite93Capn_Dante 3 votes


  • MilesHolmwoodMilesHolmwood Posts: 143
    R2 6* Sym Supreme
    Both great but I’d lean towards SYS since you don’t have to ramp him up. Plus 6*s are the future.
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