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[Poll] Suggestion to Improvements to Black Bolt

xNigxNig Posts: 7,309 ★★★★★
Black Bolt seems like a much inferior version to Medusa with limited utility and mediocre damage output without Medusa synergy. Issue is, if Medusa is brought along for synergy, there's no reason to use him anyway, not to mention he needs to be duped to put out okay-ish damage.

As such, I would like to suggestion the following changes be made to him.

- Passive Ability : Each time he is struck by a Crit, he has a chance to gain a permanent Cruelty or Fury buff. When he strikes with his own Crit, he has a chance to gain a Fury or Cruelty buff, lasting for 6.5 seconds. (Generally, this shifts his current signature ability to be a passive and allows him to be less of a wet noodle when unduped, and can be paired with Medusa to keep the buffs permanent.)

- Signature Ability: Provocation. Combat tests Black Bolt's restraint. The chance of gaining a Fury or Cruelty Buff is increased by 25-50% (based on Sig level). In addition, every time Black Bolt uses a special attack, all existing Fury and Cruelty buffs are refreshed. (This lets Black Bolt, similar to Gamora changes, be a decent ramp up champion.)

[Poll] Suggestion to Improvements to Black Bolt 3 votes

Yes, I like this idea.
66% 2 votes
No. Black Bolt is good as he is.
33% 1 vote
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