Another Rank up Poll

Hello so I recently 100% Time after Time and The main EQ and got 5* Sentinel and 5* she hulk, I’m not sure who to rank up. If it’s a 4* then it means to rank up to rank 5 and 5* to rank 3. My goals right now in case it helps on who to rank up is to complete act 5.1-2 and 100% act 4. (I cannot currently rank up any science or mutant champs but would still like some more info on who.) Also commenting on why to rank them up would help. Thank you.

Another Rank up Poll 21 votes

5* sentinel (unduped)
xNigTROUBL3DAanthoFhfjghhggggjfhfjgMother_FlerkenEinfachSoNimorSettlersofCatan 8 votes
5* She-Hulk (unduped)
5* Luke Cage (unduped)
NEO_mr_Anderson 1 vote
4* Nick Fury (duped sig 1)
ArcDeAngelusFreeToPlay_21 2 votes
4* Cap Marvel MCU (unduped)
4* Stark Spider-Man (Duped Sig 40)
Lvernon15Skydad23 2 votes
5* Havok (unduped)
Rajdeep9Archdemon_Charlie_SceneAleorTony886amal_nairGiodood_1TheInfinty 8 votes


  • NEO_mr_AndersonNEO_mr_Anderson Posts: 1,075 ★★★
    5* Luke Cage (unduped)
    Depends on where you're at in the game.
    I've voted for LC, because, he's been MVP in a lot of occasions for me, and, he's my main Thanos killer in AQ.
    But, are you uncollected, cavalier???
    Sentinel is a good champ, better for AW def.
    SHulk, I like her a lot, poison imm, stop evade, petrify, and, she can take a lot of beating.
    LC, is a beast, and, when you, finally, awaken him, he can carry you very far.
    NF, I have him as 4* too. He's been mvp a lot of times.
    Capt Sparkle, she's a beast too.
    Sparky, I have him has a 5*, and, I'm still not good at playing him.
    But, last three are 4*. If you're aiming for cavalier, they won't help.
    Havok is a really good champ, especially dupe.

    Like I've said, it all depend on where you are in game progression.
  • _MGP__MGP_ Posts: 75
    edited September 2019
    I’m aiming to become uncollected, I’m trying to get strong champs so I can go for uncollected. I haven’t even started act 5.
  • Going uncollected not sure what discussion truly is me I had made it to summoner level 58 or 57 but got stuck away from phone thought I lost it I had at time 65% off 3 star and 4 star champs around 45% 5 say 30% 2 good 6 but . problem I found my phone I'm curious if I can pull the 2half years worth over to my game I started at 1 month. I'd be able to advance and this time I'm going to be in alliance.for unusual cool rewards
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