Low Performance Mode - Standing up for those whose GPUs can't.

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(well not exactly a 'spoiler', but it's more of an extra thing I just wanted to write cause hey I felt like it sorta...)
September 30th.
Vision Aarkus is still laggy as heck (I could have easily completed and/or explored this month's Uncollected if not for that... argh). I got that 5-star Mister Sinister the other day but I only refrain from using him because his block animation is like a punch in the face to my device. No pun intended.
Sometimes I think back to those dark days when the animations of a crystal getting added to a stack would take like 30 seconds to go through. Thanks Kabam for that; I guess that mass opening of old crystals did do something good for the game.
But the animations are getting flashier. Not as much a problem for my eyes, but I mean a 4th generation iPad can only take so much. that memory of that IMIW on an Optimist node in war still haunts me to this day (me and the guy assigned to path 7 just kept pumping items in because combat lag meant we couldn't dodge his special 1 and he healed back up from that...), and I still struggle to get over my fear of AW.
The other week, I'd found out that my previous thread on this topic had gotten sorta silenced. It still existed, it still had no response from Kabam... it just wasn't showing up in the Recent Discussions even mere seconds after a new post was added to it. The discussions we'd had there were all constructive (at least from what I could tell), but yeah it wasn't being seen, and no one had gotten any word from Kabam as to why this was happening... (no hate towards Kabam; just confusion over the whole thing).

This game is very resource intensive. I think we all agree on that. And so I really do think that, as the game progresses, we'll really need a Low Performance mode so that people whose devices can't handle the full force of the new fangled animations can still enjoy this game where we get to beat the heck out of our favourite Marvel characters. And perform all those perfect intercepts; ooh it's so nice...
I think Low Performance mode would, at its core, lower the intensity of certain animations. These affected animations would include:
- excess background elements that need seperate animations, such as the helicopters in a few arenas, or the moving parts in the AIM lab arena.
- extra flashiness on certain animations. For example, reverting Havok's plasma blast animations to their previous state, or making most champions' blocked attack animations the same (I'm looking at you, Namor and Mister Sinister). Or I dunno... Aarkus' smoke effects? Those are still causing sizable amounts of issues from what I understand...
- If any animations get significant complaints for being laggy or generally too resource-intensive, a less involved version would be made that would hopefully still keep all of the charm of the original (like I still think Havok's old animations were cool enough).

mate I'm a guy going into tertiary education, who still hasn't been able to find even part time work yet because of personal stuff. I can't afford to buy the newest phone to play my marvel game; I'm gonna be in debt enough to the government as is in a couple of years time.
Other video games have options to lower the amount of stress placed on devices. It'd be lovely to see MCOC join that group of people who are willing to help stand up for those whose GPUs can't (was that a good line? I definitely thought it was...). Or at least, if that's not possible, I'd like to know why. Seriously you could add it as an OPTIONAL extra downloadable bit of FREE content so that it doesn't have to get forced upon EVERYONE. Whatever they call those things...
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