Please improve the Gated Quests UX

Hey, I'm a bit biased working on UX and human-factors areas but I reckon it would be a massive improvement (since now that champ gates are quite an ongoing thing) if one would be able to immediately see the champ required even having to edit the team.

I can think of some uses:
- Knowing immediately what's missing on your roster in the current or chapters come (so that you can work on getting those champs in advance)
- Bring a team from the first quest until the end (when you're just auto fighting or spending energy in lower levels).

There's probably a whole other plethora of benefits that I'm not thinking at the moment. I'm just bringing this one up now because I have to be honest. While I actually loved the side quest this month (raw champs, not too many BS nodes and having to burn your brain), when it came the time to fully explore lower levels... wow... what a pain - the experience was really awful and repetitive (like we didn't had the paradox event going at the same time to make it worse).

We are talking of about 5 chapters with a bunch of quests each. Multiply that by the number of available tiers if one wants to make the most of the game... and we are talking about really really a lot of back and forth, taps, changes champs, edit team etc - a real waste of time rather than being properly fighting.

Anyway, just a tip. And since we are on it, here goes an idea how to work around: A small picture of the gate champ similar to what we currently have with the boss would be more than enough. If Kabam thinks that it makes sense of having the boss pic beforehand, why not the gate?

Hope this helps - cheers.
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