AQ Thanos Heal Prevention - Whats this garbage?

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So, when exactly was this change made? I bring Brie Larson, Sam Jackson and Gold Ryan Reynolds on my AQ team and Fury used to do WORK against Thanos once the Life Model Decoy set in. Now it's been completely nerfed? What the heck is up with that?



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    Hahaha that's anything above map 3 and has been so forever.

    But, if you are skilled you can still die with Nick and beat him. Just make sure he never touches you. Not even a parry.
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    Marri_2 said:

    Hahaha that's anything above map 3 and has been so forever.

    But, if you are skilled you can still die with Nick and beat him. Just make sure he never touches you. Not even a parry.

    Ironically, with Thanos, that's not hard to do .. he's probably one of the easier boss fights there is ;)

    That said, if you switch Nick over to his real form PRIOR to the Thanos fight .. might work better in prep for it ? ;)
    (Disclaimer: I don't have a Nick Fury, so I may very well be talking nonsense .. :) hehe )
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    This is today's Thanos fight. Notice the big difference?

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    Changing the node from Heal Block to Heal Prevention stops Blade, NF, and the Champion from being able to heal on this node. A node does not change on its own. I cannot recall any announcement. Two of my comments have been deleted, so Mods definitely know about this post. Wish they gave an answer instead.
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    In map 6? Hes always had heal block. Maybe they changed it so all healing is prevented.
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    In map 6? Hes always had heal block. Maybe they changed it so all healing is prevented.

    Node changed from "Heal Block" to "Heal Prevention". They definitely changed it, but not a word that I can find about it.
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    Guess you'll just have to go in with the real nick off the jump
  • Change from HEAL BLOCK to now HEAL PREVENTION probably because some heroes were technically not affected by the prior Heal Block in all cases (or could remove the Heal Block debuff ?)

    Has similar intent of not allowing attackers to regain health. But if specifically referring to whether Nick Fury should still be allowed to have his “doppleganger” killed off before he enters the fight with his own health, the game should still allow that to work. That case is not the hero himself regaining health.
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    solution just die with NF the fight before thanos, then you will have your 30% health to get the kill. I feel it is wrong to have swapped the node without saying so, but this is also a very, very minor change, and not one to go grabbing pitchforks for. Why not ask the other 9 members in your bg to help you get the kill, god forbid you can't solo it and need to work together.
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    DalBot said:

    No. The Moderators have a job to do. Some have several jobs. Some are solely responsible for the Forum. They pass things along to others who can look into it. Others are responsible for other things, for example Bugs. Some are even higher up. Part of keeping the Forum organized is placing things in the appropriate Subforums so they can get responses faster. Which means they placed it here as a suspected bug.

    Again, this appears to be an intentional change that was not communicated to the player base beforehand, like the change of placement of the special attack triggers, as opposed to a bug. Massive difference.
    The moderators do not decide what is or is not a bug,. Unless they know what happened something like this is treated as a suspected bug. The bug section gets a good amount of traffic and as you can see it is not burried here.
  • In that 2nd video, from the new style of Healing Prevention, when Fury's double initially dies, why does Fury step in NOT at 100% with the constant Degen down to 30% ? Video shows him coming in at only 30% right away after double's death.

    (disclaimer, I don't really play with him a whole lot..) That would seem to be the 1st problem with it. Then the 2nd problem is as Zibiit mentioned, that from that 30% he is Degen'ing down to 0.
    Maybe that Degen was assuming Fury was stepping in at full 100% so put the Degen on (instead of actually starting at 30 like video showed).

    All of this assuming that Kabam means for Fury to be the one (?) exception to the “revised” no healing rule, like I mentioned since it is really 2 different people that get used in a Nick Fury fight (his double, then himself).
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    Fury should be an exception, as should "The Champion" per his description.
  • (just remembered this...) What is the exact wording for Nick Fury ability of his taking over the fight once his Double is dead ?? Something about his health climbing up to 100 over several seconds ? Does that start from 0 or from 30% ?

    That 2nd video that shows him coming in at only 30% (and then degening quickly to 0) is maybe what his real-self starts at right away and then climbs to 100% over several seconds. So might be the “climbing from whatever up to 100%” that is now being Prevented with the new Thanos buff wording. Since it is not an instantaneous stepping in at 100% right away.

    Still should NOT be degening during that last 30%, but at least that might explain some of the issue ??
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    Also affects The Champion, who is supposed to be immune to all forms of heal prevention EXCEPT Poison when attacking or defending the final node in any mode. Very shady to suddenly change this.... can we expect similar "changes" in the future for other heros? This is on essence taking away one of his "immunities". Can you imagine if they did this to another champion and took away their immunities after touting it as one of his major perks? "Oh hey, yeah, sorry, so-and-so is no longer bleed immune, or bleee immune champions are no longer immune on nodes with this modifier."

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