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Trend of new champions towards unavoidable/passive damage?

MadcatMadcat Posts: 385 ★★★
edited October 2019 in General Discussion
Mods disclaimer:

This is not a "conspiracy theory."
This is not trying to "incite the community."
This is trying to "use this space to openly discuss thoughts, ask questions, exchange information and connect with other Summoners from around the world."
This is trying to start a constructive conversation among Summoners regarding a growing trend observed and provide positive/constructive feedback to Kabam.

I am curious to heard what the community thinks of this growing trend towards unavoidable/passive damage that do not even require contact (blocked or unblocked) to be made to trigger.

It started with Electro, and he had many counters. Magik - many counters. Then Dormammu, and he has many counters. Then Iceman, Mephisto, Morningstar, Void... all have many counters. Then Domino... Korg... getting harder to avoid... and the list continues below:

Sentinel - debuffs through block if charges get high enough against all champions, especially on long fights.

Night Sentinel - L1 debuffs through block, requiring you to dex it. Easy to do though, however.

Ok... not so bad so far...

Human Torch - debuffs on being hit if his temperature rises... ok... partial work around is to be incinerate immune. Works except for Nova flame.

Ebony Maw - debuffs over time, but he sucks and Hulk Rag is made to counter him so... not too bad but getting worse.


Warlock - fairly unavoidable damage over time that counters healing and drains power at the same time.

Aarkus - requires a specific immunity to avoid damage, and counters IMIW.

Claire - places damage over time without making contact and actively punishes immunities.

Man Thing - damaging debuffs without making contact again.

Mysterio... Gui2099... Elsa.... Namor... all have forms of passive damage over time effects and/or reflect as well, some of which can be avoided, some not.

Passive damage effects end up hurting players more than the AI as our starting health pools are inherently lower.

Do people feel that this trend rewards skillful play? If you think so, can you say why you think it does? If not, is there a mechanic that we as a community can suggest instead that does reward skillful play? I am interested to hear other people's thoughts.
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