SWEDISH alliance with AW focus LFM high skill players

Swedish alliance currently focusing on AW and just having fun looking for more to fill up another battlegroup and reach higher ranks.

Current war rating: 2180 (tier 5) and rising

Hmu in-game or Line for more info ’Per-Gunnar’


  • Belfigor2Belfigor2 Posts: 54
    Just curious, how many svennar(swedes) is in the alliance?
    Doubt I will leave as a leader of my own alliance, but still curious.
  • PerGunnarPerGunnar Posts: 17
    Every single one of us is from sweden and our goal is to keep it that way unless something else comes up
  • Belfigor2Belfigor2 Posts: 54
    edited October 4
    so you are 29 members?
  • PerGunnarPerGunnar Posts: 17
    We are about 20 unique members
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