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First 5 Star Rank 5 Suggestions

Hey All,

Posting on forum first time. I will be able to rank 5 my first 5 star to rank 5 after 100% exploration this month UC EQ.

Current Progress :
5.4 and 5.1 100% explored
5.3 mystic chapter remaining
5.2 collector remaining
No variant or LOL done

Next target after exploring Act 5 : Initial LOL clear then act 6.1

I am confused between ghost(Sig 40) and Omega(Sig 140) because of the following reasons. I can play OR pretty well but has not mastered ghost completely. Let me know if I might regret taking ghost or it comes to eventually after playing more.

Note : I don't play in very hight tier alliance so do not know if I will
be able to max out more than 2 champs in near future.

What I can do with ghost :
All crit sp2
Phase intercept after taking either 2 hit or full combo
Heavy chain near wall when opponent below 1 bar

What I cannot do with ghost :
1 hit combo and use her against evade champs
Use her without wasp consistently sometimes can intercept with sp2 after a pause sometimes it gets blocked

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