11.6M G3 alliance LF1 200k+ uncollected player, AQ 44443, 3 BGs in AQ/AW, Line required

We are a friendly, active, growing alliance and are looking for one active player to join our ranks after AW season ends.

We regularly do 3 BGs in AW and AQ and have members from different timezones.

AQ: all BGs run maps 44443 in AQ. Our weekly score is over 50M.

AW: Our current / last season rank is Gold 3, right now we working on getting into Gold 2 bracket. AW Tier is 9-10.

Summoner advancement: we regularly reach 500k-750k in SA and get rank rewards.

We get 100% rewards in all 1-day alliance events, usually reach rank rewards in 3-day events.

No donations / minimums.

- uncollected or a highly skilled player
- active participation in AW and AQ
- Line app
- 200k+ total hero rating

Please contact Saltygoodness on Line or in the game app.


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