Compensation for the Issues that we experienced on November 8th and the rewards that were unable to be claimed due to those issues are being sent out via in-game mail on November 15. Alliance War season rewards will be sent out on approximately November 20. Leaving your Alliance prior to this will result in missing out on your season rewards.

Thanks got the answers

Stagedear85Stagedear85 Posts: 404 ★★
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can't wait to see what the new champs update will be like


  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 765 ★★★
    From what I can understand I think they are holding those off until december and will get feedback from us then will balance them
  • Ace_03Ace_03 Posts: 828 ★★★★
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    5th paragraph of the announcement:

    "We're going to take some time to gather this information for *all the champions from Annihilus to Invisible Woman and then in December present all these changes to you in a forum post and give you a chance to provide feedback* before we release them into the game."
  • Ace_03Ace_03 Posts: 828 ★★★★
    Final paragraph:

    This likely means a change to the cadence or timelines for ongoing balance updates from the one that we announced here. We’ll update you all on those changes soon.
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 6,317 ★★★★★
    No changes until later. They've seen the reaction from the player base and are going to take a different approach. I think they jumped in a little to quick with these balance changes. Looks like they are going to take feedback from us as well on any changes made.
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