I could use some tips for Captain Marvel (Movie)

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So, I just pulled this little champ from my last 5* crystal and wanted to know a couple of things:

1 - Is she good enough without her awakened ability?

2 - Does she need any synergies to work well?

3 - How much would you rank up a unduped 5* Captain Marvel? Up to R3? R4? Is she worth a R5 without her duped ability?

4 - Any tips in general regarding her gameplay... like, how to play her efficiently, the best matchups, the worst matchups and stuff...

It would help me a lot. Thxs in advance!


  • BlackJ4zzBlackJ4zz Posts: 244 ★★
    1. Her awaken ability is useful but to me not essential in mid high level content, as it only give her up to 12 second of indestructible when she enters her Binary Ignition state, like i said its useful in End Game content but not essential.
    2. she NEEDS the Nick Fury synergy.
    3. If i had her i would probably MAX her out if i had the resources.
    4. Her play style is to build and maintain her binary charges through out the fight which is why you need the Fury synergy it allow your charges to last TWICE as long hence maximizing efficiency.
    5. Best match-ups are energy based one anything gives you energy can cause you to go Binary REALLY FAST, although watch out as she take ALOT of DMG from Mystic champs and worse, those that have energy based abilities can absolutely MELT you.
    6. That's all i know hope it helps.
  • IronGladiator22IronGladiator22 Posts: 1,635 ★★★★
    1. Dosnt need awakened ability to be good
    2. Nick fury synergy helps
    3. Step 1. Parry and get binary charges up to 25
    4. Step 2. Either on load on current opponent or save 25 binary charges until next fight and activate your binary immediately
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