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Champion Buffs don't always have to come in pairs of the same class - #BuffDaredevilANDHulkbuster

Dear Kabam -
For real, #BuffDaredevilANDHulkbuster

You need the positive PR.

Talk about a way to literally make almost everyone happy.

There are some LEGIT Daredevil fans out there - and no one is denying that Hulkbuster needs a complete do-over. But no one's hanging up posters of Hulkbuster on their bedroom walls.
So, of course, that needs to be done - but service a fan favorite as well.

Take 6 more months to buff them both like Colossus and OML - Take 8 months... Take all the time you need. We'll wait.
Just give them both a proper rework.

Also, lots of mystics in the poll next time, please.


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    AmytGAmytG Posts: 36
    somebody watched the Seatin video.
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    NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,996 ★★★★★
    they will be buffing the champs that wins the poll and the 2nd buff is optional
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    Cranmer00Cranmer00 Posts: 527 ★★
    No one was ever going to win other than hulkbuster, even though dare devil is the obvious choice, he’s not a 6* champion, therefore, won’t be picked
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    EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 357
    If daredevil gets buffed they need to release him as a six star.
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    Thi101Thi101 Posts: 807 ★★★

    no one's hanging up posters of Hulkbuster on their bedroom walls.

    Well, I did have a Hulkbuster poster on my room next to the Avengers AoU poster.
    But I gave it to my cousin, so it’s on HIS wall now lol

    But I get what you mean
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    XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
    They buffed She Hulk, Spider Qwen with Gamora and they are two different classes
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    EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 357
    Hope they say when they are expected to get buffed.
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