Chill Alliance, Map 4 AQ, No Donations or Wars Required, Looking for 3 Members.

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Just had a few people take a break from the game or move on all in the same week, looking for 3 people to join in.
We're a Chill Alliance, No Donations needed, Wars are Not Required though we do have 1 BG running regularly for anyone that wants to, our SA is usually around the 400k Mark, No SA Holding Required, we use Line though while it's not a Must Have it's preferred you have it for AQ Communication.
As for AQ, it Is Required, we run 3 BGs all 5 Days, all Map 4s, except sometimes we'll run a Map 3 on Day 5 in BG 3 only, because it contains a few Different Time Zone Players and can make clearing a Day 5 Map 4 a tad more difficult with barely any Reward Increase.

As for what we want from you, simply that you're able to clear Map 4 AQ or at least make through the Second Section with regularity. If there's anymore info you really need just let me know, sorry if i don't have every stat and detail listed out in a Powerpoint Presentation like other Alliances Recruiting but like I said we're a Chill Alliance that just wants to play the game and chat...✌


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    Wanted to specify, even though I think this kind of comes with the Chill Alliance idea as a Standard, but we understand when life get in the way or you're going on Vacation or whatever.
    As long as you let us know ahead of time how long you'll be less active, we're good and you won't be kicked. (Doesn't mean you can Leech for months)
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    I'm going to bump this back up instead of making another post that'd basically be a copy.

    Same thing happened again, this time with Holidays coming we had a couple people that wanted a break from the game, *we are looking for 5 New Members*. Alliance Info is in the Main Post above.
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