Which #tags should be utitlized/come into play during fights and with synergies?

I always thought it was weird that only until recently did Kabam start playing around with tags. And because it'a so recent, there's still a lot of tags that feel like they're just there just to be there. For example, how often does #DimensionalBeings come into play with anything?

Anyways, which tags do you guys want to see be utilized more? Personally, I think #GotG could give unique benefits like, idk, "Having at least 2 #GotG champs gives one evade charge per champ. Only for #GotG champs" or something. Just throwing out a random idea.

Also, if there are any tags you guys can think of that arent in the game, what are they? I think #flying should exist and be immune to certain attacks. Or maybe even #angryperson for Hulk and Namor


  • LordRaymond3LordRaymond3 Posts: 348 ★★
    Ever since Blade came into the game, we've had 0 dimensional beings even though some should be (*cough Aarkus*), and probably wont be anymore, even though when (hopefully) Galactus and Silver Surfer come in, they should definitely be tagged as Dimensional Beings.
    Blade basically made tags important.
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