Two looking for 5x5 G1

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Two looking for AQ 5x5 and Gold 1 alliance.

1) We are veteran players and both Cavalier.
2) We left a tier 2/3 alliance ~6 months ago to retire from end game play.
3) We are returning but not for end game play.
4) We are looking for structure and stability.
5) Both of us know Map 5 and can do it in our sleep.
6) We are passionate about AW; however, we don't have the time nor do we want to use the resources for tier 3+ AW.

Contact either of us in game.
You can PM me on the forum.
You can contact me in Line - ID is zzyzxguy - my avi is a redneck drinking and smoking

Here are our profiles and r4+


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