LOL Initial Clear Advice Needed

So I've decided to take a shot at an initial clear of LOL after putting it off for a long while. I'm building my team around 6* Domino with the Rhulk and Masacre synergies, but am not sure who I should bring to fill out the rest of my team with.

My top options are R5 Stark Enhanced Spidey, R5 Nick Fury, R5 Omega Red, and R5 CAIW. Any tips on who to bring to help get through the easy path with the least amount of resources?

Initial thoughts are to bring Sparky for the damage and evades vs War Machine and Nick Fury for the extra attack (10% while alive and 20% when dead), but not sure if I'm overlooking anything (Magik counter and Maestro fight come to mind...).

Any suggestions are appreciated...thanks!


  • TehsigzorzTehsigzorz Posts: 1,044 ★★★★
    I would say have fury and quake for the 3 evade charges
  • StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 771 ★★★
    I think you should bring in Stark Spidey for War Machine for sure since his special one is nearly impossible to evade (I don't know if you can fully evade it, so I'm going on the safe side and saying nearly). Stark Spidey also does that great damage and great shock debuffs, so he's a clear choice. The last option is tougher since Nick Fury would be great for the extra 20% damage to end fights faster, but Omega Red is great for sustainability, especially against Magik who you will take a lot of Limbo damage from. If you're using suicides, then I recommend taking in Omega Red over Fury, but if you aren't, then I recommend taking in Fury instead. Cap IW wouldn't be any good for LoL because he relies on parries which isn't possible after a few because of the Limber node. Although I feel like I should say that Cap is a good counter against the Magik because if you get her just below a bar of power and then launch your special one to push her over a bar, then she will never trigger limbo.
  • Henrytfu_41Henrytfu_41 Posts: 48
    Thanks guys. I am not running suicides, so didn't think Omega would be a great choice. I'm leaning towards using Fury and Stark Spidey with the Domino Trinity. Any good tips on best way to approach the Maestro boss fight with this team?
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