10.4k prestige LF High Prestige AQ focused Ally With No or Optional AW

As the title says. Not a fan of aw.


  • Primetime_769Primetime_769 Posts: 118
    Damn your the alliance I’m looking for. My prestige just isn’t that high but I’m used to map 6.
  • arsjumarsjum Posts: 408 ★★★
    No, I am an individual player, looking for an alliance. :)
  • tcskyline_04tcskyline_04 Posts: 28
    Sometimes people don't read hahaa
  • tcskyline_04tcskyline_04 Posts: 28
    We do map 5 aq ally prestige is 8260. 1 bg war. We just had someone split before aq. So if you're still looking, you can come do an aq cycle with us then split if you want. Just giving you another option. °pollux° ign. Or add clutchtings. +GR+ ally tag
  • SupervlinderSupervlinder Posts: 54
    Add me on line ID Supervlinder, we might have what you’re looking for
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