Final push

Making the leap to uncollected this week. You all have been a great help over the past few months with my rank up, masteries and progression. I know these last 3 chapters are tough. So any final input would help


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    Leonjr8719Leonjr8719 Posts: 146

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    TimeGenesisTimeGenesis Posts: 732 ★★★
    for your mastery...imo, you only need 1 in dex and put then put 5 on Precision.
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    SDPSDP Posts: 1,622 ★★★★
    edited October 2019
    3/3 in petrify and Pacify are wasted. Add to your defense tree. Work towards Willpower, Recovery, and Despair.
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    Tony886Tony886 Posts: 659 ★★
    For 5.2.6 i choose from your roster
    5* Hyperion, corvus and from 4* i choose
    Captian America, Archangel and sparky or Quake
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    WoozieWoozie Posts: 479 ★★
    Way too many points in proficiencies, get them up in offence for 5/5 precision instead of 3/5, Willpower is up to you but I love it (regen 0.7% whenever under a debuff)
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