Recruiting beginners to grow and advance within our team of alliances. [PITY!] is here to help.

I Pity the Hood! is an alliance created to teach newer players the basics of the game so they can grow within our group of alliances. PITY! runs maps 2-3 for AQ with 1 BG running a little map 4. We have optional 2 bg wars. No donations. No stress.

Don't be discouraged if other alliances have said you're too small to hang. We have a place for you. When you grow you will first have the opportunity to join our map 4 gold 2 alliance [IPTF!] I Pity the Fool.

From there advancement opportunities continue to our Map 5 gold 1 alliance [RH4H] Red Hood 4 Hire. The sky is the limit.

Line communication is required. It's a free app that ties the group together. We would not be nearly as strong without it. It streamlines communication while removing the obnoxious character limits in game. It makes it easy to ask for help in game. You can also share screenshots, and we have many resources saved with tips and tricks.

If this program sounds good contact RockyB239 on Line to get started.


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