Top 120, maps 6&7, plat 2/3 war. Looking for 1 10k+ prestige

We are (NxTP1) Untainted - TP1 and we are currently looking to add a teammate to our roster. A bit about us:

- AQ - map 6 and 1 day of map 7.
- AW - plat 2/3 seasons finishes, with relaxed off season wars. Tier 2&3 maps.
- No event minimums. Everyone just plays and the scores come naturally.
- A mix of spenders and free to play players. We don’t discriminate against either.
- North American based players
- Organized AQs and AWs, with a well versed officer core.
- We use Discord for our comms.

What we want in a teammate:
- 10k+ prestige, to keep in line with our current members
- North American players for cohesive movement
- No egos or drama. We don’t have any here, and we don’t let it stick around when it shows up.
- Accountability. Show up and make your moves like the rest of us.

We have always had a very low member turnover rate, and our balance of drive to achieve great rewards with our mentality towards our teammates and the game, has always kept our alliance well respected by those in it, and those who have moved away from it.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact me on:

Discord: •The Ricktator•#1337
line: rickthemang
In game: •The Ricktator•


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