Other Abilities Domino’s Critical Failure Fails to Trigger From.

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There are abilities that fail to trigger Critical Failure. The explanation of the ability is straight forward but maybe I’m missing something.

Per Domino’s champion spotlight.

Opponents that trigger abilities frequently, such as on every hit, will have a chance to fail on each of those events, and therefore trigger her Signature Critical Failure Ability often.

I asked to get more information on her Sig Ability. Let me know if this helps:

Any time Domino's opponent has a chance to trigger an ability, but fails, they take a brief Damage over Time debuff. This does not stack, so if it happens in quick succession, it will renew, and not stack. For instance, Wolverine has X% chance to trigger a Regen on a critical hit. Any Critical Hit he makes that does not trigger a regen, will suffer from this Energy Damage Over Time debuff.

Does that clear things up?

Ghost’s 10% chance cruelty on non critical hits do not trigger Critical Failure.

Gulk’s 5% chance to SMASH on every attack does not trigger Critical Failure.

Video form Back Issues, Mystery in the Micro-realms, 3.2. The ability pages of these champions are shown at the end.

iPad Pro 10.5inch
iPadOS 13.1.3
Game version 24.3.1 943572

With the recent update correcting some of Critical Failure’s Failures I thought maybe this might get some attention.

If you have more abilities please add.


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    Using old champs with crappy accuracy on attacks was how I beat her early on. It would proc continuously and never hit a tic for damage.
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