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I have noticed ppl leaving comments in many different posts about how tech support doesn't ever help so they have given up sending tickets. I have contacted support on multiple occasions on a range of issues and have never had a problem. I just wanted to offer some advice on what I feel helped the most in getting a problem addressed with a satisfactory conclusion.

I always try to explain the issue in as much detail as possible. I do this so that the biggest moron on the planet will know exactly what the problem is. I'm not saying they are morons, I just want anybody reading it to know exactly what I mean. Also, try and be as pleasant and friendly as possible. It doesn't matter if the last time u contacted them they didn't help u. More than likely u will be dealing with an entirely different group of ppl this time. Nobody wants to be treated rudely or talked down to. If u want them to help you be as polite as possible. Try and remember you want them to do something to help you. It's not possible to be too nice in situations like this.

It also helps if u find unique ways to make your message stand out. They read tons of the same basic messages from ppl. Adding a joke or funny story I make your message stand out can also help getting a satisfactory conclusion.

The last thing to remember is you may not get the answer you want. That doesn't mean that the person didn't help you, it's just they can't do what u are asking. Some things are out of their control. You may not like their answer, but if they at least respond in a timely manner and address the issue I feel that is at least a satisfactory conclusion. It's better than waiting forever and not getting a response. Don't forget to thank them. A simple thank you can go a long way.

I realize there are always unique situations. This has just been my experience dealing with tech support and I hope this may help some newer players in dealing with tech support. If I have left any other Helpful tips out please feel free to comment.
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