Champion Spotlight - Old Man Logan



  • NeonoctisNeonoctis Posts: 118
    So I was using my Old man Logan this afternoon and he is now currently getting the bleed reduction at the beginning of the fight from the double edge mastery was this fixed in a patch or something? anyone else experiencing the change? but i can still not get the armor break to apply to skill champions, is this still being worked on also?? @Kabam Miike
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 365 ★★
    I have oml at 3/45 sig200 and my rank up decision easily skip over him in favor of other champions, like duped Blade (which I slowly added sig levels), unduped Havok, unduped Symbiote Supreme, unduped Omega Red to 4/55. whenever I play OML, I wait till he has 15 bleed stacks before I use sp2 for 15fury and rng crit bleed... it’s not even high percentage that opponents get crit bleed which defeats the purpose.. the regen in exchange for fury dynamic is not great because it changed passive regen into a cycle that summoners need to be aware of, instead of the WOLVERINE.. we get wolverine.
  • InxInx Posts: 114
    On his sp2 does every critical hit guarantee a critical bleed or is it every hit that procs a bleed out his 80% and crits?

    Also what’s the deal with diminishing returns? In combination with the dexterity mastery maxed, I’d figure he’d crit more, but it seems like he tends to crit more without dexterity proc’d. Even after launching an sp3 then rushing for the sp2, after triggering dex, his crits still seem lackluster.
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