Rank Up: The better champ or the one I need?

I have 2 champions I'm contemplating on ranking up to R4/55. One is a duped (lvl 20) Dr. Voodoo and the other is a duped (lvl 29, awakened accidentally 😢) Crossbones.

Voodoo is undoubtedly the better champ, but I already have a 4/55 Magik for power control, 4/55 Omega Red for regen, and a 3/45 AA for poison (I dont want to rank up). I dont have a 4/55 skill champion nor do I have a 4/55 champion with reliable ability accuracy reduction like Crossbones, so he will add something new if I ranked him up unlike Voodoo (mystic like Magic).

Should I upgrade the better but non-unique champ, or should I diversify my 4/55s?

* I also have a 4/55 Brie Larson and soon-to-be 4/55 Thing

Rank Up: The better champ or the one I need? 13 votes

Possessed Floating Man (Dr. Voodoo)
30% 4 votes
Angry Hydra Boi (Crossbones)
23% 3 votes
Reconsider ranking up AA
46% 6 votes


  • I always rank the champ I need, not the one that's "better."

    However, my definition of "need" isn't "adds something I don't have." It is "solves a problem I have today." That problem might be that it allows me to do content I can't do now, or do content cheaper than I can do it now, or reduce the chances of dying in AW, or adds a better diverse defender, or something. A "need" champ is a champ that I would get an immediate return on investment if I rank up today.

    If I don't have a "need" rank up, then I will do lower rank ups that don't use constrained rank up resources to strategically improve the roster. Or I will use resources that are near expiring on whatever option is best.

    Otherwise, I tend to hold my resources until a "need" arises.
  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 2,120 ★★★★
    Honestly, if you need an AA reduction champ, upgrade the AA reduction champ.
  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 4,429 ★★★★★
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    Don’t forget DV halves the enemies AA

    Honestly CB is a good investment with increasing defensive counters to critical hits to counter the likes of Corvus Sparky and Ghost.
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