Who to R4 next?

I’ve completed Act 5. Have not touched Act 6 or any variants who should I focus my next R4 on? Do I go GR for my Blade/Stark syn or go like Havok or Hulk Rags


  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 367 ★★
    Depending on what content you are wanting to tackle could alter your decision.

    Gulk will be great for variant 1 and variant 2 (he is also very useful in act 6. I especially like him on the no retreat node in 6.1.1)

    but I use ghost rider for AQ almost religiously and his sustainability has really helped with not using resources in that area.

    You already have good techs for Variant 3 so may not need to focus on that area.

    Havoc is an all around really good champ so he will be a big help on act 6.

    I know this probably is not super helpful but I have set a content goal and tested how i do in it and then moved through with rank ups based on need. All good champs so prob cant go wrong
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