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100% LOL tips and strategies

Im planning to explore LOL to 100%. My main attacker: R5 Ghost Sig 200 + 6star wasp + hood + 6star antman, one spot open. No bragging here, but im pretty solid with her, like phasing recoil damage and all that.
So now im curious about which fights she cant make. Only thing i know is x23, i have void for her. and btw the easy path is already done. Thx in advance for your help


  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,585 ★★★★★
    She can’t really do electro or magneto, not the best for juggs either but she will eventually work
  • Katzastrophe_Od1nKatzastrophe_Od1n Posts: 223 ★★
    R5 Gwenpool sig 200 for electro? R5 medusa for mags? CapIW R5 for juggs?
  • Katzastrophe_Od1nKatzastrophe_Od1n Posts: 223 ★★
    is rhino a problem?
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,136 ★★★★★

    is rhino a problem?

    Yes. He won’t take danmged from sp. but if u hav a blade blade wil be better I’m use sl because sl sp is energy. Cap Iw can do jugg but keep in mind he won’t nullify the pasive unstoppable but I’m think he wil do great and dusa can work for rhino to just no sp but the bleed can help but you won’t gain much wins rinho in ther can rekt u
  • DarthHaasDarthHaas Posts: 379 ★★
    I just recently 100% LOL and used "Other Champs" for outside path.

    I used 6/65 Aegon sig 200 for everything else and he just shuts down all those problem fights. He took Electro, juggs, rhino, x23..

    I would deff check out Lagacy vid he has been doing some runs with ghost in LOL but looking back i would have waited for all the paths until I got AEgon. he makes it that much easier.
  • Katzastrophe_Od1nKatzastrophe_Od1n Posts: 223 ★★
    thx for your input guys, now one last question. how much units do u think should i save? not the best skill in game of course but i would say pretty average. managed to 100% explore with a couple hundred units
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