Unit Vault

NeotwismNeotwism Posts: 1,803 ★★★★★
This may seem like a pointless issue, but i was wondering if we could get a vault to transfer our extra units into. That way we can't spend them accidentally without transferring them into the regular stash. I know i have accidentally bought some of the pop up offers because they appear in the same spot as the close button a lot of times. It's usually only a few hundred units, but this feature would prevent mistakes like that from happening. It would also help save up for larger purchases if we transfer them to a vault or something. Maybe its a bad idea, just something i thought of after an alliance mate made the same mistake i have made in the past.


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    I'm sorry to hear that's happened to you! That's definitely frustrating and I totally see why an idea like this could help with it. I'll bring the suggestion up to our team. No promises on an outcome, but they'll see it!
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