6* star champs for what?

I know there exists already a discussion thread, but I fear that my comment will be overseen there. Maybe here too, but I think the chance is higher, that a responsible person reads it...or not.

I don't know who is responsible for the marketing at Kabam. But what's the purpose of installing 6* star champs? I play since several years now and honestly I do not need even the 5* star champs You forced us to need them, but not for something new, only to have a chance to go on in this game. Next year there will be the 7* star champs? Sorry, Bullsh...

I wait since YEARS for the BASE. This is a topic that would really motivate me to play this game again, but nothing happens. In this connection you have to excuse my bad English...it's not native tongue, but could please translate the phrase "COMING SOON" on the base side?
My current situation is: AQ - AW - AQ - AW......t4b arena....AQ - AW....t4b arena......Oh, a new event quest....AQ -AW....and repeat....so boring
The only thing that keeps me staying are the nice posts, when chatting with the guys from the alliance...by the why...through Line of course, because your in game is and stays f...terrible. Ah, did I mentioned something that you could renew or improve? Sorry no, you want to implement 6* champs

So my suggestion is: DO SOMETHING REALLY NEW

The result of 6* champs is only one thing: Opponents with harder advantages through nodes...This you are already doing and we already had when you started with 5* champs.

So why once more 6* champs?
The answer:
Making people jealous on the gamers...mostly on gamers from MMXIV (I'm still pretty sure that these guys are employees or sponsors of Kabam), who will have them first....and as result force those people to spend money....money rules the world.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm really willing to spend some money on the game, but....and I guess you have an idea what comes now...NOT FOR F... 6* CHAMPS.

I guess I will be banned after this post, but maybe I'm surprised and you see as a constructive criticism and not as an insult and you change something in your strategy

Kind regards
A faithful an a little disappointed player


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    Rebranding of existing technologies is always easier than true innovation. Simple marketing. Minimal technical expertise needed.

    I too would love to see a completely new game mode that I can share in with my alliance. Perhaps even share with a group of other alliances (that would add a WHOLE different context of community to this game).
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