Drops from special milestone crystals

In another post I summarized the total rewards from the special milestones: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/comment/1031297/#Comment_1031297

I managed to get them all this morning, and opened all the crystals (well, all except for the champion crystals). Here's what I got from them for those interested in a data point:

T2 Wind: L4 health potion
T2 Fire: 450 5*, 350 5*
T2 Earth: 7200 T4B, 7200 T4CC tech
T2 Water: T4 alliance health
T2 Dark: 4* generic sig
T2 Light: 30 units
T2 Unified: 550 4*, 550 4*, 10800 T4B, 550 4*, 9000 T4CC skill, 10800 T4B
T3 Unified: 1000 5*

All together, 1800 5* shards, 1650 4* shards, 28800 T4B shards, 30 units, and some other miscellaneous stuff. Not a huge haul, but very good for milestones most active players are going to complete eventually without much extra effort. Combined with the 5 ultimate crystals and one legendary crystal, pretty good, and I suspect this is not an above average set of drops.
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